Yeast Explores the Brewery


Yeast “The construction of Daishichi’s new brewery is in full swing. You can hear the continuous sound of heavy machinery and hammering, and everybody is fully motivated to work hard. But how is Old Well doing?”
Old Well “For the foundation work the area around me has been dug out, so I’ve become three meter taller. My view has improved a lot! There I see Yeast coming. Hello, I’m here!”
Yeast “Old Well! Are you alright? I’m surprised how much you’ve grown, I can’t see your face anymore! And you are encased in a plaster cast, as if you’ve had a whiplash.”
Old Well “Come, try to climb up to me. The plaster has been attached out of precaution that something might happen to me while construction is going on. Daishichi is laying the foundation of the brewery for the next 200 years.”
Yeast “Now I’ve climbed up to your face... But that means you’ve to sit idle all the time.”
Old Well “Yes, I’ll just have to wait patiently.”
Yeast “You must be bored... let me keep you company for a while.”
Old Well “Fine, thank you! You’ve grown up a lot, Yeast.”
Yeast “Yes, I’ve traveled to many places in the world and learned lots of things.”
Old Well “Daishichi’s history is already quite long, and from now on again a new age is starting.”
Yeast “Yes, Mexico, America, France, Germany… By going to see so many places I’ve understood that our kimoto method is not just a peculiar, nostalgic way of production. The only way for Japanese sake to compete in the heavyweight division of the great beverages of the world, is by the orthodox kimoto method. Only then can we aim for the highest level.”
Old Well “You talk so excitedly that your whole face is red! You’re very convincing!”
Yeast “But am I not right, Old Well?”
Old Well “Yes, you show the right spirit. The makers of fermented beverages around the world are locked in a furious battle, so you can’t expect to be victorious just by some cheap tricks or by cutting corners.”
Yeast “Exactly, that’s why I want to check the basics once again!”
Old Well “The various processes, including the latest results, from rice production to fermentation, until the final products. Let’s go through that together once again. It’ll become a long story!”
Yeast “I understand. Leave it to me!”