Yeast Explores the Brewery

(8) Kimoto (2)

Yeast “Fine! Lactic Acid, shall we together follow the kimoto process?”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “Alright! The mashing with paddles is just finished. What we see now is like a scroll painting of a war scene. Let’s go!”
Yeast “Look in the tank. The mixture is still cold, with little nutrition.”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “But look good, Yeast, several micro-organisms have started to be active...”
Yeast “Indeed, the nitrate reducing bacteria are making nitrous acid.”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “Yes, the nitrous acid suppresses wild yeast, film yeast and other bad microbes.”
Yeast “In fact also sake yeast is weak in dealing with nitrous acid. Weak yeast will be weeded out by it. That’s cruel, but it’s the only way to cultivate really strong sake yeast.”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “That’s true. Look, the brewers have started using the warmers (daki)!”
Yeast “A kind of hot water bottles. When the temperature rises, the whole tank will be full of nutrition through the activity of the koji.”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “Yeast, look, my companions the lactic acid bacteria are quickly growing. First they were cocci, now they are rod-shaped. I’m going to join them!”
Yeast “Lactic Acid Bacteria, are you alright?”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “Of course! By the multiplier effect between the lactic acid produced by us and the nitrous acid, wild yeasts, film yeasts and finally also the nitrate reducing bacteria are wiped out!”
Yeast “They have been completely vanquished! The yeast is weak in dealing with nitrous acid, but resistant to lactic acid, so it will start multiplying...”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “Yes, that’s true. You should also come. The lactic acid bacteria already get weaker because of the effect of the lactic acid they themselves have made, and finally the alcohol produced by the yeast kills them off... ” (sniffs)
- - Yeast enters the tank - -
Yeast “Together we’ll work hard to complete good kimoto by sacrificing ourselves. During the severe struggle for survival the weak yeast particles will die and only the strong yeast particles will grow up.”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “That’s clear. Do your best! Look, Yeast, the strong army of yeast particles, which have survived the severe circumstances of low temperature and lack of nutrition, has grown to 100% pureness!”
Yeast “Yes, without relying on the warmer, they have themselves through their fermentation heat raised the temperature!”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “It’s nice and warm... on the surface foam has been built up.”
Yeast “In that foam many yeast particles are growing.”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “Now the last trial is near...”
Yeast “Yes, the struggle with the alcohol and the rising temperatures. Only the yeast particles which survive that trial can be used for the fermentation of sake in the main mash.”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “Try hard! You are the strong yeast army! The master brewer and his staff are watching over you, taking turns for 24 hours. Ah, I’ve tried my limit, I have to retreat.”
- - Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria leaves the tank - -
Yeast “Nice to meet again outside the tank! You others, keep fighting!”
Both together “Keep fighting! Hurrah, Yeast, that’s the spirit!”
Yeast “The finish is near.”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “It’s over.”
Yeast “We have made a perfect kimoto! Everyone did a great job! I’m so happy!”
Daishichi’s Lactic Acid Bacteria “Congratulations! We now let the mixture cool down in the ‘karashi’ phase. The yeast can take a good rest until it will be used again in the main mash.”