Yeast Explores the Brewery

(12) Kimoto Products

Yeast “Today we’re going to have a Daishichi party. I’m really thrilled!”
- - Large and small glasses and delicious dishes have been arranged on tables - -
Yeast “All Daishichi’s sakes will come together today. I want to say hello to all of them. Ah, there are the Nama Genshus (unpasteurized, undiluted sakes). Good evening!”
Nama Genshus “Hello, Yeast. That butterfly tie really looks good on you.”
Yeast “Thank you. We haven’t met for quite some time.”
Nama Genshus “We are just a small group among Daishichi’s sakes, but as aperitif we have the important function to stimulate the appetite. We should be enjoyed well-chilled. One of us is a slightly sparkling nigori sake, which has undergone a second fermentation in the bottle.”
Yeast “Today we finally have time to talk. We’ll meet again later on. There are the Junmai Kimotos...”
Junmai Kimoto “Hi, Yeast. We’re all here: Junmai Kimoto CLASSIC, the organic Shizenshu, and Rakutenmei brewed in a wooden vat.”
Yeast “The characteristic you share is that you all have lots of matured, rich umami. I’m looking forward to talking to you. Who do I see there at the back...”
Junmai Daiginjo “Hello Yeast. My type is most numerous among the Daishichi sakes.”
Yeast “Right! I think you are all gentlemen possessing your own individuality.”
Junmai Daiginjo “Among us are also an aristocrat and patriarch whom you seldom see. What we have in common is that, different from daiginjo in general, we’re strong enough to be paired with the main dish. That’s what makes us proud.”
Yeast “Great! You’re all delicious. Which one should I drink first?”
Junmai Daiginjo “The best order is to let the individuality and impact gradually get stronger. Let the grade gradually get higher and the age older.”
Yeast “I see...”
Junmai Kimoto “Another way is to start with cold sake and then advance to warm sake. When you have warm sake during the second half of the meal, it also helps you sober up in a gentle way.”
Yeast “Let me first quench my thirst with this lightly sparkling nigori… Hmm, excellent. Next is Junmai Ginjo. Delicious.”
Junmai Ginjo “I am a great combination with seafood that has a soft umami. In the case of Western food, I fit well to a clear butter sauce or cream sauce.”
Yeast “You really have a deep taste. Now it is gradually time for a junmai daiginjo.”
Junmai Daiginjo “Yeast, when you drink me from a large glass you can better enjoy my aroma.”
Yeast “Let me see. Yes, really! The aroma is not only gorgeous but also has depth and complexity. You can stand up to a savory meat dish, and dishes with herbs and spices.”
Junmai Daiginjo “That’s why we spend more than a year in storage, to build up strength!”
Yeast “That’s right.”
Junmai Kimoto “Yeast, now try us slightly warmed.”
Yeast “A good idea. Cheers!”
Junmai Kimoto “We have been many times been praised by magazines and newspapers as the best warm sake in Japan. Did you enjoy the warm sake we are so proud of?”
Yeast “This is tremendous! I feel so happy. It helps me fully enjoy Japanese food.”
Kimoto Umeshu “Yeast, did you have a good time? Now it’s my turn. With the final desert or ice cream I provide a glass full of bliss!”
Yeast “This is indeed heavenly...”