Sakes Tell Their Own Story

Myoka Rangyoku

Yeast “This time I’m finally going to meet Myoka Rangyoku. I’m a bundle of nerves. Hello!”
Myoka Rangyoku “Good day. You’re Yeast, aren’t you?”
Yeast “Yes. Myoka Rangyoku, you are not only the highest pinnacle of Daishichi, but also renowned in the whole world as ‘Best of the Best.’”
Myoka Rangyoku “I’m glad about that, for when I was born, I already had an international mind.”
Yeast “I’m looking forward to hear your story!”
Myoka Rangyoku “I was conceived in 1999. On the eve of the new millennium, Daishichi decided to create a sake that would surpass all other sakes by once again starting at square one and re-thinking what the qualities of such a magnificent sake should be.”
Yeast “Do you mean the ‘Magnificent Sake Project?’”
Myoka Rangyoku “Yes. Sake that wins gold medals at the Japan Sake Awards is for Daishichi not the best sake. Daishichi aims for nothing less than a truly magnificent sake that can take its place among the great beverage brands of the world.”
Yeast “What does constitute a magnificent sake?”
Myoka Rangyoku “That is exactly what we diligently investigated. It is not about the temperature or the number of days of the fermentation. It is also not about a more advanced rice polishing ratio. Basically, it is not a matter of toying with numbers.”
Yeast “But what is it then?”
Myoka Rangyoku “Don’t you understand that a really magnificent sake besides refinement also should have an appeal that abounds in wild beauty? We therefore had to introduce the power of nature.”
Yeast “In short, giving more importance to the power of the rice…”
Myoka Rangyoku “Precisely! To reach an all-surpassing quality, one must persistently consider the rice as the main object and respect it. In this way, we arrived at the concept of ‘selecting the rice grains.’”
Yeast “I see! Thoroughly making the most of the innate power of each carefully selected grain of rice!”
Myoka Rangyoku “It takes many years before I come fully to bloom. The first priority is therefore to create a sake of noble quality that is able to withstand long years of maturation. I was first brewed in the year 2000. After that it took more than three years before I was sufficiently matured and could be sold.”
Yeast “Myoka Rangyoku’s wonderful design has attracted a lot of attention. A bottle of Venetian glass, a pewter emblem crafted in a German workshop, and a label with Japanese maki-e lacquer.”
Myoka Rangyoku “I am the embodiment of the spirit of Daishichi’s craftsmanship. I am only allowed to carry the name ‘Myoka Rangyoku’ in years when the highest level has been reached.”
Yeast “Does it happen that you are not allowed to carry the name Myoka Rangyoku?”
Myoka Rangyoku “Mind you, that is not a disgrace, on the contrary. In the past it has happened twice that Daishichi has refrained from bringing me to market, one time in the same year that we won the Gold Medal at the Japan Sake Awards with another sake.”
Yeast “How can that be?”
Myoka Rangyoku “I am made to a different standard than that of the Gold Medal. I aim much higher than that.”
Yeast “What is your aim?”
Myoka Rangyoku “To cause the highest excitement and satisfaction at the dinner table. I want to be the best sake for drinking during dinner.”
Yeast “Indeed, you are both powerful and delicate, and also complex, and you show a different face at different times and at different temperatures. Everyone is enraptured by you. Do you also taste slightly different depending on the brewing year?”
Myoka Rangyoku “Yes, I would like my customers to enjoy those subtle differences in character.”
Yeast “I have heard very interesting things today. Thank you very much!”
Myoka Rangyoku “There are still many things to tell, but I am glad to have been of help.”